One Stop Party Shop

Here’s how we describe The Social Place: The same elements required for a spectacular wedding are also the same elements it takes to create a charity gala, fundraiser, and corporate event. Yet, there’s a sea of outlets designed with only the bride in mind and nothing remaining for the others. So, we are morphing the trends of the past with the bones of a bridal boutique and creating a new hybrid of a store to capture the attention and inspire every person for every occasion

Party Boutique The Social Place is a brick and mortar store for home decor and entertaining products. We provide imaginative party decorations and inspired tabletop ideas, so that throwing a fabulous event needn’t be such a production and an expense for our customers.

Event Gallery We have the most distinctive selection of favours, gifts, costumes and themed items for all celebrations and special occasions to the Nigerian market. Always innovative, we scour the globe to source unique and thoughtful favours, decorations and gifts for anyone who loves to celebrate and enjoy life.

Lifestyle StoreIn addition we offer unique products with an eye for quality as part of an entire lifestyle offering for our customer’s clothing and jewellery. The exclusive to the unusual our products will encourage our clients to celebrate their distinct sense of style.

The concept for the new store was to create a boutique shopping environment for all life's celebrations and boutique it most definitely is.

We have partnered with a selection of vendors which include:

Clothing & Accessories

  • Oriki
  • Nyradzai
  • Design for Love
  • Riana Jewellery
  • Tote by Bola Obileye


Beauty Spot

  • Ours by Juliada
  • Komaza Beauty
  • Shea Moisture
  • Organix
  • Bomb Cosmetics



  • CamCam Sweeties